BOSCHINI INTERNATIONAL LAW OFFICES, PLLC is an international “boutique” law firm with offices in New York City, USA, and in Rome, Italy, which brings together experienced lawyers professionally licensed in both the United States (ATTORNEYS AT LAW) and Italy (AVVOCATI). The Firm focuses its practice on U.S., ITALIAN, and INTERNATIONAL business, commercial, financial, real estate, and tax law, and has gained a substantial experience in matters of Latin American and E.U. law.

FRANCESCO BOSCHINI, the Firm’s founding member and managing attorney, is ONE OF THE VERY FEW ITALIAN-TRAINED LAWYERS ALSO WITH A COMPLETE U.S. LEGAL EDUCATION. Mr. Boschini is a dually-qualified U.S. and Italian attorney and a dual citizen of the United States and Italy; he is permanently (since 1997) based in the United States and offers many years of relevant professional experience at international level.

The Firm’s philosophy has always been focused on building and maintaining a long-term professional relationship with its clients, grounded upon MUTUAL TRUST and RESPECT. The Firm provides HIGH-QUALITY LEGAL SERVICES at COSTS LOWER than those of other firms, thanks to its relatively smaller, yet more flexible and efficient structure. Concretely, this means that the Firm is committed to maintaining a LOW LEVEL OF ADMINISTRATIVE OVERHEAD and offering to its clients as much FLEXIBILITY IN BILLING ARRANGEMENTS as is permitted by the professional codes of conduct.

The Firm's offices are conveniently located in the center of New York City's business and legal district, on the 21st floor of the IBM Building (the corner of Madison Avenue and 57th Street), and in the Parioli district of Rome, on Via Antonio Bertoloni. The Firm has correspondent offices in Florida (Miami), in the major Italian business and legal centers, and has established an efficient network of foreign colleagues across Europe and the Americas with whom it cooperates on a regular basis.

The Firm's combination of high standards of practice and reasonable costs, together with the synthesis of Italian creativity and U.S. efficiency, sets us apart from our competitors.




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